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Danny and Jessi enjoy puttering around their homestead in near-urban Reno, NV. When they escape the critters, they like to hike, raft, and explore the hot springs in the back country of Nevada.

Now Seeking Customers

  1. -American Blue and White breeding stock, pedigreed, ready now

  2. -Ask us about our complementary rabbit harvest when you buy a rabbit for the freezer!

Next big event

Moving the geese from their communal pasture to individual breeding pens so we can pair them up in time for spring.


Because Jessi, a wildlife biologist, and Danny, a geologist, share a fascination with those feathered dinosaurs that fly, waddle, or run amongst us. What better term to express the merger of those two scientific disciplines than one that evokes both the biological reality and distinguished lineage of our winged friends?

Flying Fossil Farm is our rapidly evolving urban homestead in Reno, NV. Our primary goal is to produce the highest quality food for ourselves, our family, and our friends while building the soil and cycling nutrients. We follow permaculture principles, and try to close the loop as much as possible by sourcing inputs locally or producing them personally. At this stage we are raising rabbits and geese for meat, and chickens and ducks for eggs. In the near future are honeybees, pigeons, fruit trees, a hoop house, and other products from our emerging food forest. Sometimes we do have a surplus of eggs, meat, heritage animal breeding stock, or other resources, and are happy to barter or sell them to our fellow northern Nevadans.

Please feel free to contact us at flyingfossilfarm AT gmail dot com.

Last updated 15 December 2014


Why “Flying Fossil?”

Flying Fossil Farm

Champagne d’Argent Breeding Stock

After much thought, we’ve decided to let one of our Champagne d’Argent lines move on to new show homes. Click here to go directly to the photo album for pictures (scroll to the bottom). Contact us for prices and details.